Simple low waste kitchen hacks

I often hear people talk about a zero waste kitchen. For most of us (unless we grow a majority of the food we eat in our own backyard) this is something that’s quite difficult to achieve. For quite a few years, I have actively looked at where I can waste less and be smarter withContinue reading “Simple low waste kitchen hacks”

The best beginner budgeting template

In a previous blog post I shared my thoughts on budgeting and the 5 types of bank accounts I used to get my finances organised. In today’s post I’m going to share the actual budget system/template I used to get organised and track my money. This is probably one of the biggest steps I’ve takenContinue reading “The best beginner budgeting template”

How to start budgeting

One of the best ways to simplify your life AND look after your mental well-being is to have a budget that works for you. Knowing where your money goes helps free up your mind, helps prepare you for any ‘rainy day’ scenario and helps you save up for travels or other fun things you’d likeContinue reading “How to start budgeting”

An introduction

It’s always tricky to simplify and tell a story in a short and concise way. In some ways, I don’t believe people’s life story is something that should ever be short. Every person we meet have a unique story about how they got where they are today. It’s essentially all about the journey and theContinue reading “An introduction”

The easiest way to organise your life in 2020

Every year I choose a theme or keyword for that year and for 2020 my theme is creativity. Having a key theme for your year or month is a great way to start keeping things simple and focused. Years ago, I used to blog about my travels and life in Australia, but as life andContinue reading “The easiest way to organise your life in 2020”