Simple low waste kitchen hacks

I often hear people talk about a zero waste kitchen. For most of us (unless we grow a majority of the food we eat in our own backyard) this is something that’s quite difficult to achieve. For quite a few years, I have actively looked at where I can waste less and be smarter withContinue reading “Simple low waste kitchen hacks”

Declutter Challenge Check In

I hope you’re doing as well as you can during this challenging time. I have definitely struggled with motivation when it feels like the days just blend into each other. As we’re forced to stay home a lot more that we are used to, I know quite a few of you are using this timeContinue reading “Declutter Challenge Check In”

Minimalism in lockdown

How are you tracking with the changing world around us right now? It’s a strange time where lots of people struggle emotionally and financially. I’ve certainly had days where I feel super low, and I think it’s important to remember what it’s ok to feel sad, stressed, angry or any other feeling that comes upContinue reading “Minimalism in lockdown”

A minimalist stockpile?

Can a minimalist have a stockpile of food or things? If so, how big is it allowed to be? It’s late March 2020 as I write this and Covid-19 is impacting us globally. Needless to say it’s a disruptive and difficult time for many people, and I wanted to share how simplicity and minimalism hasContinue reading “A minimalist stockpile?”

The 7 step declutter challenge

Know all about how to sustainably declutter from my previous post? Awesome, now let’s go! This challenge is great regardless how messy your space is, it’s really up to you how far you want to go with your decluttering right now. Remember: any progress you make is better than it was before! This decluttering methodContinue reading “The 7 step declutter challenge”

The best beginner budgeting template

In a previous blog post I shared my thoughts on budgeting and the 5 types of bank accounts I used to get my finances organised. In today’s post I’m going to share the actual budget system/template I used to get organised and track my money. This is probably one of the biggest steps I’ve takenContinue reading “The best beginner budgeting template”

How to declutter sustainably

It’s February 2020 as I write this, and I keep noticing that people are still working on kicking off the year well. Let’s face it, January is a bit of a ‘soft start’ month, but February is when the rubber really hits the road, right! A big part of that kick off and positive energyContinue reading “How to declutter sustainably”

An introduction

It’s always tricky to simplify and tell a story in a short and concise way. In some ways, I don’t believe people’s life story is something that should ever be short. Every person we meet have a unique story about how they got where they are today. It’s essentially all about the journey and theContinue reading “An introduction”