5 frugal tips: sustainable and minimalist life

I sometimes get the question what my top frugal tips are to save money and be kind to the environment. In this short video I share my 5 key tips around how I live a simple and financially aligned life that works well for me.

  1. Buy quality over quantity. Most often I’ll save up for a better quality piece of clothing, technology or whatever else I need, rather than buying something cheap that won’t last. I do still buy items in second hand shops or via marketplaces, but I look for quality brands/products that will likely last longer.
  2. Ride a bike. I commute daily to work on a bike (and have done for years when I’ve worked 10-20 km from where I live), and even if it’s not very far to my current work I really enjoy it. Even if it costs a little bit of money to buy a bike, it will last a long time if you look after it well. And it will save you lots of money on travel costs too!
  3. Do free online workout classes at home. There are loads of free apps and videos (check out one of my favourite YouTube channels here) which will save you money, time and travel costs. Make sure to stay accountable with a friend or perhaps your partner/housemate.
  4. Get quality food containers, wraps and bags. This will keep your food and meal prepping fresh and tasty for much longer. My favourite products are linked in the description box here!
  5. Use a menstrual cup. Many women are scared to try this, but I have been using this instead of pads and tampons for almost 4 years and it’s easy to use and very comfortable once you get used to it!

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