Sustainable and minimalist gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be really tricky, especially if they are a minimalist. If you are mindful of sustainability and the environmental impact of different types of gifts, it can be even harder.

I thought I would share my 3 favourite categories to receive as a gift or gift to someone else, hopefully it helps you too!

  1. Making something. This does not mean you have to spend a ton of money on craft materials or be a really good cook/painter/baker etc. Making something can be as simple as putting together a DIY gift hamper with some snacks, coffee, a bottle of wine or whatever that person likes. You could bake some muffins and wrap them nicely, you could put your favourite photos of you 2 together in a scrap book or online photo album. To create a gift for someone does not mean you have to build or create it from scratch.
  2. Buy second hand! Regardless if you go to a physical second hand store or a web app like Facebook Marketplace, there are some amazing quality items out there that someone else no longer has use for. I’ve purchased both kitchen items and toys still as good as new in the original box for only a few $ in second hand shops. Wine glasses, vases, decor, picture frames, books, toys, coffee mugs and all sorts of other things can be great gift ideas for both holidays and birthdays. What I love is that it’s also reusing something that has already been manufactured, so we’re not wasting new environmental resources to create new presents. Extra bonus is that you can also find some great looking baskets or hamper things for very little money to help you with point 1 if you head to a second hand store.
  3. Gift an experience. This is probably my favourite one! If you’re low on cash, maybe gift your friend a picnic in the park or a movie night or dinner at your place. A weekend trip, theatre show, day at the zoo, wine tasting, cooking class or spa day can also be great fun. One of my favourite gifts that someone gave me was a horseback riding tour. Google is your friend here and there are loads of different options available for all types of budgets.

What are some of the best gifts you have received? What made them special for you?

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