Small pantry organisation

So we’ve moved to a new place, a lovely 2 bedroom apartment and I’m loving most things about this house, except for the pantry. It might sound like a very small thing, but because we meal prep, work 100% from home and are in and out of that pantry quite often, it’s not really working for us. It’s narrow and deep which does not make for easy access, or clearly seeing what’s hiding in the back.

After looking around on and finding that every long and narrow bin that would fit in this annoying space was either quite expensive or taking 4+ weeks to arrive (I’m sorry, I’m way too impatient to wait for that…) I settled for these basic tubs from Kmart. I normally prefer to use natural materials wherever possible, but in a pantry it’s good to have things that are durable and that you can easily wash with dish soap and water if needed.

I also dug through my other cupboards and found some bags and other small containers that came in handy. The whole makeover cost only $20 (AUD) and both Paul and I are happy with the result. Check out the video below for the before and after!

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