Minimalism in lockdown

How are you tracking with the changing world around us right now? It’s a strange time where lots of people struggle emotionally and financially. I’ve certainly had days where I feel super low, and I think it’s important to remember what it’s ok to feel sad, stressed, angry or any other feeling that comes up when so many things are out of our control.

If you or someone you know need extra support and you don’t know where to start, I’ve listed a few amazing resources in the bottom of this blog post for completely free and confidential support. If you’re not in Australia, just google what support services are available where you live. There is so much free and confidential support available!

On a lighter note, I actually have a positive life update from my end to share. After being in between jobs since October 2019, I finally found a full time job in marketing for an organisation that is so aligned with my values. I interviewed with them just before Covid19 closed down my part of Australia, and have been working from home since I started the role 2 weeks ago. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity at a time when the global economy is all ver the place and many companies are not recruiting.

So then, how are we coping with 2 people (both working full time from home) and 2 pets in a small 2 bedroom apartment?

  • It’s been a bit tight on space to create 2 work stations that work for us! For now we’re splitting our time between the living room (improvised stand up desk at the kitchen island) and the dedicated home office. I will do a full apartment tour at a later time, but if you want to see some snippets from our home you can check out my decluttering video.
  • We’ve found it more important than ever to have clear surfaces and putting things away. We’re usually pretty organised, but we’ve had to make sure that everything has a home. When we finish the work day we move all our work related items (extra screen, keyboard, laptop) go into the study and the living room is clear to hang out and relax.
  • I have not missed a single thing I’ve gotten rid of. As I’ve decluttered over the past few years, I used to ask myself “What if I miss this item later?“. Turns out I should not have worried, because even in the current lockdown situation I can’t think of a single thing (clothes, books, tech, kitchen items) I wish I had kept. When I asked Paul, he admitted to missing a few warmer jumpers he decluttered (we’re heading towards winter in Melbourne now). To me it just goes to show that a clear space helps my well being so much more than having lots of things.
  • Overall, we’re loving our small space and especially the balcony. We’re finding ways of being creative and repurposing furniture pieces and storage. Don’t get me wrong, I wish we could go out and enjoy things we used to have access to, but we’re choosing to make the most of what the current situation means.

Helpful resources if you need emotional support (some of these have both apps and chat functions as well as a free number you can call):

  • Lifeline (Australia): call 13 11 14 in Australia or chat/text with them via their website.
  • Beyond Blue (Australia): call 1300 22 4636 or chat with them via their website.
  • Insight Timer: my personal favourite free meditation app that holds a range of music and meditations to calm your mind.

Looking after our mental health and speaking to someone who can listen and support is key, it’s actually a true strength to admit we need help (in a big or small way). I’m not sponsored by any of these resources/organisations, but wanted to share them for anyone needing extra support at this time.

I hope you look after yourself and work through this time focusing on the things you are able to influence, like your home space, time, food and exercise.

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